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The Benefits of VoIP and Hosted Voice for Business


The Benefits of VoIP and Hosted Voice for Business Every company needs a way to connect with its customers. Hosted Voice for Business is the best solution for any company that wants to make customer-facing communications more efficient and effective. What is VoIP and Hosted Voice? VoIP is a service that converts voice into digital information. It can be used to make phone calls and transfer files. VoIP is also known as Hosted Voice because it involves the use of servers to process the voice signals. Like most VoIP services, Hosted Voice is available as a service from third party suppliers. They function by transmitting voice traffic over the internet rather than through more traditional public switched telephone networks (PSTN). VoIP has an advantage over PSTN in that it's capable of using high-quality audio without any clutter or interference from other types of connections. This gives VoIP a clear edge when dealing with more sensitive information such as legal consultations, medical advice or financial transactions which require absolute confidentiality. Types of VoIP providers There are three broad categories of VoIP providers: hosted providers, cloud providers, and hybrid providers. Hosted and cloud-based providers are more suitable for small businesses with fewer bandwidth requirements. A hosted VoIP provider is one that hosts the entire telephony system in its datacentre while a cloud provider runs the system virtually on its own servers with a software (SaaS) service model. A hybrid provider offers both models so it can offer more functionality. What are the advantages of VoIP and Hosted Voice? The biggest advantage of VoIP and hosted voice over traditional phone service is price. With VoIP, you only need your internet connection and a compatible device in order to have unlimited calling around the world at any time of day for one low monthly fee. 7 Reasons why Hosted Voice solutions are a great alternative to traditional phone systems You Can Save Money It's Easy to Use and Setup Flexible Solution for Small Businesses No Monthly Phone Bills It’s scalable [...]

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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Calls?


Are You Paying Too Much For Your Calls? Allow us to introduce Ninkasi, a complete telephony service from Greenlight Telecoms that’s easy to use and comes with a host of premium features as standard! Plans from as little as £7.00 per month per business user. Ninkasi is a complete telephony service for businesses. It provides a comprehensive range of facilities and features that allow businesses to ink their fixed and mobile telephony easily and efficiently, helping them to improve their productivity and corporate image. Greenlight Telecoms is a UK based telephony specialist with a local office in Stevenage. As we start to emerge from Covid-19 lockdowns, we are looking at the things that hindered our working from home. Did you have to leave your phone system on-site & divert to mobile? If so, you may be interested in a change to Hosted VOIP. Our Ninkasi telephony system allowed us to take our desk phones home, plugin and keep all the functions without disruption! Ninkasi is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, whether they operate from one location or multiple sites. Ninkasi also allows businesses to link their office phones to mobiles, making it perfect for companies whose employees are regularly on the move. Is Ninkasi the most flexible phone system available? We think so! Is working from home hampered by an old phone system? We can help you. Do you need to cut the cost of telephony? Ninkasi Hosted VOIP can do that. Does your phone system have all the features you want? Try Ninkasi and see the difference. Can you flex the number of phones in line with your business? You can with Ninkasi (up and down) Do you get the responsive after-sales support you want from your telephony partner? You do with Greenlight Telecoms. Would you like to know more or are you interested in a budgetary proposal? If you think you are paying too much for your calls or want to find out more about our telephony services, contact us today or call [...]

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Does my Business Still Need a Landline Phone Number in 2020?


Does my business still need a landline phone number? As we start building our plan for exiting the COVID-19 lockdown, the need for a phone system is being challenged. We have Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp……, we have our mobiles, during lockdown we have proved we can communicate without the office phone system. Why do we need a landline for Business? 5 Reasons a Landline Phone number is still needed. TRUST, the fear of being scammed on a mobile number, landlines are regarded as an indicator that a business is real. HUMAN TOUCH, your customers still prefer to call and speak to a human when decisions are important. CALL RECEPTION, mobile reception is often variable, VOIP landlines offer a better call quality. GOOGLE, search engines retain the phone number as a key factor in local searches. Lack of a phone number or other inconsistencies in your internet presence may be a red flag. WELLBEING, without a landline staff will need to give out their mobile number or carry two mobiles (personal & work). The blurring of business and home life adds unneeded stress. The optimum telephony solution in 2020. Replace Analogue fixed line with Hosted VOIP now. Increase flexibility, cut costs and leverage technology in one easy step. Cloud-hosted VOIP telephony such as Greenlight Telecoms Ninkasi solution offers total portability without sacrificing the landline number. A cloud-hosted VOIP phone can be plugged into any broadband connection and operate as if you were in the office. Landline retained, calls can be initiated from the computer as a softphone option, complete flexibility for any future situation. Re-think your requirement, do you need a phone on every desk? Start with a main company line for each site, retain desk phones for active departments and moved to shared phones in less active teams. Some clients are even placing a phone with key suppliers to consolidate the relationship and enable enhanced communication and service tracking. Your 2020 optimum telephony solution is hybrid, with a hosted VOIP landline solution, using Teams/Zoom etc to collaborate and mobiles anytime [...]

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