Does my business still need
a landline phone number?

…Take a look at why your landline number remains
a huge benefit for your business!

With the switch off of analogue in 2025 and the introduction of new digital telecommunications technologies being rolled out across business as we speak, the need for a traditional phone system is being challenged. We have Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, we have our mobiles and can communicate without the office phone system. So you might think we no longer need a business landline? – actually, the reality is, your landline still offers many benefits for your business!

TRUST The fear of being scammed on a mobile number, landlines are regarded as an indicator that a business is real.
HUMAN TOUCH Your customers still prefer to call and speak to a human when decisions are important.
CALL RECEPTION Mobile reception is often variable, VoIP landlines offer a better call quality.
GOOGLE Search engines retain the phone number as a key factor in local searches. Lack of a
phone number or other inconsistencies in your internet presence may be a red flag.
WELL-BEING Without a landline staff will need to give out their mobile number or carry two mobiles (personal & work). The blurring of business and home life adds unneeded stress.

Hosted VoIP from Greenlight Telecoms – Increase flexibility, cut costs and leverage the latest technology in one easy step.

Cloud-hosted VoIP telephony solutions from Greenlight Telecoms offer total portability without sacrificing the many benefits of keeping your landline number. A cloud hosted VoIP phone can be plugged into any broadband connection and operates as if you were using a traditional landline in the office.

Landline retained calls can be initiated from the computer as a softphone option, complete flexibility for any future situation. Re-think your requirement, do you need a phone on every desk? Start with a main company line for each site, retain desk phones for active departments and move to shared phones in less active teams. Some clients are even placing a phone with key suppliers to consolidate the relationship and enable enhanced communication and service tracking. Your optimum telephony solution is hybrid, with a hosted VoIP landline solution, using Teams/Zoom and more to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere!

Future proof your telecommunications – Replace Analogue fixed line with Hosted VoIP today. Contact Greenlight Telecoms for a FREE Telephony review.

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