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designed to meet & exceed the needs of any business, no matter their size or where staff & customers are located.

designed to meet & exceed the needs of any business, no matter their size or where staff & customers are located.

Introduction to Greenlight Voice

Greenlight Voice offers all of the key functions that your business needs in order to present a professional image, wherever your team is working. Limited capital costs makes this a winning solution for any business, large or small, new or established.

With no requirement for PBX and being hosted in the cloud it allows Greenlight Voice to be deployed quickly with little to no disruption to your business, have reduced call costs in comparison to PBX/Analogue systems, and with no PBX to limit your opportunity to grow. Greenlight Voice enables your business to thrive and scale due to this, and the flexibility and simplicity of unified communication across various devices anywhere in your business.

Desk Phone
• Gimmick free, professional handsets
• Wide range of styles
• Modular options for receptionist

Soft Phone
• Convert your computer into a multifunction
communication device
• Simple, Intuitive design
• Fully featured

• Mobile app on iOS or Android
• FMC SIM with native dialler option, Powered
by EE

Call Centre
• ACD Supervisor in Phone Manager application
• ACD Agent’s mobile app & phone manager with stats & reporting

Greenlight Voice Licence

Our platform allows multiple endpoints to make and receive calls across a range of devices. The Greenlight Voice application works across phones, smart phones, tablets, and large screen devices such as Laptops and desktop computers. We understand the new nature of business with hybrid remote and in office cultures that is becoming the norm post lockdown; Greenlight Voice provides businesses the ability to work unimpeded wherever their employees may be.

With accessibility across multiple devices per licence user your team should never be out of contact be it behind a desk with a desktop or handset, with a tablet in warehouses working logistics, or on mobile for people on the move.

Microsoft Teams Licence

The option of a additional licence for Microsoft Teams integration. With the increase of remote working, it’s more important than ever for organisations to keep in touch and to find new and improved methods of working. Presence based status allows organisations to easily see when colleagues are free. Meetings can be setup with ease and integrated with Teams for video calling at the touch of a button.


The Greenlight Voice Softphone is a software module that allows calls to be made and managed via your PC/Laptop to provide a seamless working environment – allowing you to make & receive calls alongside your day to day tasks – in one place.

Softphones are inexpensive and will provide costs savings – there is no reliance on conference phones & internet calls are cheaper than using landlines. Configuration is quick and easy, and the software is intuitive and easy to use.


The CallCentre add-on module can manage the highest demands from your customers, to enable communications across multiple channels. Regardless of where your agents are located, CallCentre can provide a global footprint with geographic numbers of your own choice. Our flexible pricing model can allow you to scale your operations at short notice as & when required.

CallCentre replicates the most advanced traditional contact centres – bringing together voice, voicemail, SMS & web chat to enable the most appropriate conduits to suit your customer needs.

The platform can also make use of Greenlight Voice’s ad-hoc collaboration sessions enabling face-to-face video & data sessions for the closest of customer interaction. With an easy to navigate web interface, the system is simple to customise in all aspects of your call centre activity; from managing groups & call queues with the appropriate welcome announcements, scripts & controls, through to regular management reporting to ensure that agent performance is where it needs to be.

If you require integration with your preferred CRM platform, CallCentre operates with most of the leading CRM vendors for screen popup notification & can also be used alongside Microsoft Teams.

The inbuilt multi-level IVR enables customers to quickly find their own way to the correct queue, freeing up agent time to deal with the most important calls.

Greenlight Voice CallCentre offers the ideal, flexible cloud-based solution to meet your business objectives & enables exceptional customer experiences.

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