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Withdrawal of Wholesale Line Rental (WLR)*

The withdrawal of Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) products and the transition to IP Voice services

BT is modernising the way it delivers telephone services to the UK. The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is ageing and will reach the end of its life in December 2025. New digital technologies are taking its place, which means over 16 million lines and channels will need to move to alternative products before the network is switched off.

The PSTN currently supports wholesale products like WLR3 analogue, ISDN 2, ISDN 30, LLU SMPF, SLU SMPF, Narrowband Line Share and Classic products. These products, collectively referred to as WLR products in the industry consultation, deliver analogue voice and broadband communications for home and businesses. When the PSTN closes, these products will no longer be available.

*Openreach 2019

Timeline of WLR product withdrawal

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Nov 2017

BT Announced Closure of PSTN in 2025

BT announced it’s intention to close the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) by Dec 2025

May 2018

Openreach Consulation on Withdrawal Launched

Openreach launched a consultation on the withdrawal of WLR (Wholesale Line Rental)

Jul 2018

Openreach Consulation Closed

Openreach consulation on the withdrawal of WLR closed

Dec 2018

Formal Notice of WLR Stop Sell

Openreach issued a formal notification of it’s intention to stop selling WLR products

Dec 2020

Five Year Reminder of Withdrawal

Five year reminder that Wholesale Line Rental is being withdrawn

Sep 2023

Stop Sell of WLR

Openreach stop selling new supply of Wholesale Line Rental

Dec 2025

WLR Withdrawn

Wholesale Line Rental is withdrawn

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