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Greenlight Telecoms provides a range of Broadband and Resilient Broadband solutions for clients of all sizes, with bespoke plans for business whatever their specialised needs. Read more

• ADSL Broadband • FTTC – Fibre Broadband • EoFTTC – Ethernet over Fibre • Leased Lines

VoIP Telephony

Greenlight Telecoms provides digital VoIP solutions, such as our Business Pro Licence from as little as £11 per month per business user. Read more

• Cloud-based VoIP (Greenlight Voice) • Microsoft Teams


Greenlight Telecoms offers Softphone solutions for all facets of your business, with products that will allow you to forever be connected no matter where you are. Read more

• Greenlight Voice • Mobivo

Handsets & Headsets

Greenlight Telecoms has a range of Handsets and other telecoms product for your business, be it desk phones, handsets or teleconferencing solutions. Read more

• Handsets, Headsets & Conferencing Hardware options

Microsoft Teams Voice

Greenlight Telecoms offers additional support to our VoIP services with Microsoft Teams and our Greenlight Voice integration for businesses with a dispersed or hybrid workforce. Read more

• Microsoft Teams Integration • Microsoft 365