UK Area Code Search

Greenlight Telecoms is working with its partners to maintain the UK Area Codes search table below for our website visitors. Each city, town or district has its own area code prefix to enable the allocation of unlimited phone numbers.

Non-Geographic Codes

wdt_ID Non-Geographic Numbers What they are for
1 07 Mobile numbers
2 070 Personal numbers largely used by small traders to trace calls
3 0800 and 0808 Freephone numbers often used by charities
4 0843 or 0844 or 0845 or 087 Charged numbers often used on sales lines
5 09 Premium rate numbers largely used by competition lines
6 118 Directory enquiries
7 999 Emergency services
8 111 NHS Non-Emergency
9 101 Police Non-Emergency
10 123 Speaking Clock
Non-Geographic Numbers What they are for

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