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Selecting the ideal Broadband option for your business has become complex and confusing with so many different solutions available, some of which are described here.

Selecting the ideal Broadband option for your business has become complex and confusing with so many different solutions available, some of which are described here.


ADSL is designed for micro businesses with limited internet access requirements, similar shared product to what most of us have at home. Speed of download is normally 10 times faster than upload and depends on your local exchange.

FTTC 40/10

FTTC offers guaranteed speeds (40MB down / 10MB up) with reduced contention from other users. A good option for small to medium sized businesses that wish to increase business productivity, reduce costs and unlock the potential of Cloud computing, along with other broadband-hungry services.

FTTC 80/20

As you grow your business moving from 40/10 to 80/20 doubles the performance but will not double the cost. Easy and affordable contract upgrades are always available from our Broadband range.

EoFTTC 80/20 uncontended

EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC) = £117.65 – because EoFTTC is an Ethernet connection, it offers businesses a range of extra benefits that broadband never will. It’s been designed for organisations who need an extremely reliable and guaranteed connection; one that never drops out and one that’s not affected by peak times or other nearby internet users. This is a symmetrical (uncontended) service like a dedicated leased line offering 20MB guaranteed, downloads can be boosted to 80MB if required. EoFTTC also has similar safeguards to a leased line, stringent SLAs (7 hours) for fault resolution and as you enjoy a private tunnel to the network, your data does not and cannot mix with other general traffic adding a layer of enhancement to your cyber security armour

The benefits of EoFTTC are:

  • Quick install time – generally 15-30 days
  • Symmetrical connection – great upload speeds
  • Fantastic SLAs on faults
  • Enhanced security through segregation of your company data
  • Reasonably priced – most “bang for your buck”

Ethernet Leased Line (from £200/month)

  • Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) one of the industry’s strongest and reliable access methods.
  • Most providers will charge not just for the circuit but also to recover costs from within the core and edge network even if your link does not sit or impact on the network segment that you are attached too.
  • We believe that the core and edge is our cost so we will only charge for the tail circuit and nothing else. This gives you value for money but still the rock-solid infrastructure. So, we can build a customer a very cost effective but carrier grade MPLS network
  • Benefits: Dedicated & uncontended, speed (will get the same upload and download speeds), security (as the bandwidth is dedicated to the customer they are in control as to what runs over it), Reliability and much better SLAs than non-Ethernet products.

Leased Lines can provide uncontended connectivity with full download and upload capacity. Example: a 50MB Leased Line provides speeds of 50MB down & 50MB up both uncontended, you get the full capacity of the line dedicated to your business. Again, the standard is a minimum term of 3 years but expansion within the term is available. Leased Lines can be almost any capacity from 10MB to 10GB and we will recommend what fits your needs.

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