Broadband Resilience – A How To Guide

Broadband resilience is one of the key services that businesses up and down the country need to be aware of, especially where a corporation’s productivity lives and dies on the internet connection.

Not only selling products online, but employee productivity, connecting to external services all rely upon that one strand of broadband coming to your building. So, what happens when the broadband goers down? Your company comes to a halt.

In this day and age, the unexpected should always be expected. You would expect a 99.9% uptime from your broadband, hell it’s what is marketed when they sell the service. But on those .1% days, your business is stumped. And this is where broadband resilience comes in.

Understanding Broadband resilience 

Broadband resilience is in the name – its making your broadband with a connection that’s resilient to outages. There are two kinds that Greenlight Telecoms offer:

  1. Resilient providers: This is where two broadband lines are coming in, from two different suppliers. For instance, if you had BT and Virgin. If BT was your main broadband line and they had an outage, you’d switch to the Virgin connection and be back online.
  2. Resilient datacentres: This goes one step beyond having different 2 broadband lines coming in. We ensure that the other side of the broadband line, goes to different datacentres.

With resilient providers, you get that added security of knowing that if BT (for example) have a problem, then the Virgin service (again, for example) should takeover and be problem-free. The risk with this though, is the datacentres each use, could be down, thus you still have a problem. In the resilient datacentres service, the other end of the broadband line goes elsewhere, negating the problem outlined.

Why broadband resilience is important for businesses

There are the use-cases for internet connectivity that we outlined in the introduction, but there are more critical for businesses that are for medical uses for instance. For businesses that need an active internet connection to survive, broadband resiliency is for you. Another example for instance would be stock market traders.

Case study: Peak Proteins, deployed with Greenlight Telecoms broadband resilience

Peak Proteins, a part of the Sygnature Discovery Group needed highly resilient internet connectivity for their pharmaceutical business. The ISP services deployed by Greenlight Telecoms were rolled out to a bespoke retro-fitted building, and since have asked for similar setups at Glasgow, Nottingham and in Scotland Science Park.

With dual gigabit feeds from alternate providers and exchanges, maximum resiliency ins in place, thanks to Greenlight Telecoms and the partnership with Marston’s Telecoms. The dual routers ensure local failover, for an enterprise grade product solution. On top, flexible and expandable IP ranges have been deployed, delivering bulletproof internet connectivity and since go-live they have had zero downtime.

Comments from the customer 

We were impressed during the handover process by the Greenlight Team and delighted to take over such a well-managed, resilient service. ISP Services were one thing off the list we didn’t need to worry about.

So happy with the setup, have requested the same with our newest acquisition and at our HQ.

Jeremy, Head of IT, Sygnature Discovery Group

Invest in broadband resilience for a more stable future

In closing, Greenlight Telecoms are thrilled to provide high resiliency broadband to our customers. Our expert team can identify the broadband solutions that your company needs and tailor a solution that will provide you the best network connectivity as well as the best resiliency, should any problems occur.

To get in touch and discuss this more, please contact us.