How to use VoIP as A Marketing Tool

VoIP can often be an overlooked area of your business where you can really use the opportunity to create leads and generate new business. Whether your business takes many calls per day, or just a few per week. By not having an optimised VoIP system, you’re letting new business slip through your fingers. So, in this blog post, we’re discussing all the ways we could think of, to use VOIP as A Marketing Tool for your business.

Voiceover artists for VoIP

Firstly, Greenlight Telecoms has professional voiceover artists at just a beck and call away, pardon the pun. These professional voice artists are ideal for on-hold marketing messages, for when clients are in the queue and waiting to be answered by an agent. During this downtime, where typically some companies play on-hold music, we can offer a selling opportunity instead. Write a script, and the voice artists will create an on-hold message that will sell a product.

IVR Menu Structure

The way that you use your IVR will have a direct relation to the number of sales you take over the phone also. For instance, you could re-arrange the order of telephone options, so more people are likely to come to your sales team first, rather than the support line. Impatient people often click “1” just to get through to someone to fix a problem – so why have those people come through to a support team, when you could use your sales team instead?

Alternatively, you can use the IVR to help promote other sister companies. For instance, if someone wanted information on IT Support, you can add those options to the IVR as an option to call straight to that team.

How to use VoIP as a Marketing Tool | Greenlight Telecoms

Recording and Analytics

One of the best features of VoIP is its ability to record how colleagues are doing and the analytics behind all of the teams performance. Being able to determine who is answering the most calls, who is keeping the clients most engaged and those that have the best survey scores as a result are all things that many VoIP systems can aid with.

Recording calls goes one step further. As a team leader, or manager, you can go in to call logs to see how calls are handled and take the chance to upskill your team. For where you may see opportunities to sell in a call recording, it may not be as obvious for the front-line workers answering such calls. If you can get everyone in your team singing from the same hymn sheet, then your business will be flying in no time.

Specific Phone numbers for specific marketing campaigns

An easy way to record which marketing campaigns are doing the best for your business in the real world, it quite simple: use different VoIP numbers depending on the campaign. That way, you can see on your telephony system which numbers are the most active, receiving the most calls.

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