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Greenlight Telecoms Case Study – Highly Resilient Internet Connectivity

Peak Proteins, now part of the Sygnature Discovery Group.


Sygnature Discovery Group acquired Peak Proteins, a client Greenlight Telecoms moved out of Alderley Park into a self-contained and bespoke retrofitted building. The ISP Services provided to the building were highly resilient, Sygnature Discovery have now asked for a similar setup at their newest acquisition located in West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow and their Headquarters in Bio City, Nottingham.


  • Internet Connection critical to business operations.
  • Tight timescales on building completion and move in. Openreach are not a speedy organisation.
  • Greenlight Telecoms expertise crucial in designing the services and managing their installation.

Greenlight Telecoms Solution

Greenlight Telecoms deployed a highly resilient ISP grade Internet Connectivity in partnership with Marston’s Telecoms.

  • Dual Gigabit feeds from alternate providers, exchanges, collector nodes and directions for maximum resiliency
  • Dual routers managing local failover. Enterprise grade products.
  • Cost effective services given client satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • Marston’s Telecoms core network configured to handle ISP level failover, routing handled in the core so hops to alternate legs seamless, same IP Address broadcast, zero downtime in the event of an outage to client.
  • Flexible and expandable IP Address ranges deployed.
  • Full management of process from dealing with Openreach and construction contractor to discuss best place for ducting, routers external and internal to the building and comms room.
  • Pre-Ethernet 4/5G solution deployed to get key Peak Proteins team members connected and working in new building whilst Openreach timescales progressed.

Benefits delivered:  

  • Stress free client install process, allowing them to focus on the office & lab fit out, Greenlight Telecoms managed the process from start to finish.
  • Strong client / contractor communication.
  • Peak Proteins enjoy highly resilient, bulletproof, Internet Connectivity, zero downtime since go live.
  • Continuing and responsive support, information and amendments requested by Sygnature Discovery technical team given and actioned quickly.

Products & Services Delivered

Resilient Broadband – Click here for more information about Broadband Solutions

User feedback

We were impressed during the handover process by the Greenlight Team and delighted to take over such a well-managed, resilient service. ISP Services were one thing off the list we didn’t need to worry about.

So happy with the setup, have requested the same with our newest acquisition and at our HQ.

Jeremy, Head of IT, Sygnature Discovery Group

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