MBH – Manchester’s B2B Business Hub

Greenlight Telecoms Case Study – VoIP Telephone System Installation

MBH implemented a new VoIP telephone system for ease of service with their growing network of businesses and members.


Manchesters B2B Business Hub is one of the largest business networking and membership platforms in Manchester. They host networking events across the city centre and provide a platform for local businesses to gain awareness and foster partnerships locally.

MBH host events monthly allowing members to speak and present themselves to a wide audience at in person events and highlighted through social media and newsletters. These networking events boast large turnouts, with representatives from businesses of all sizes attending.

Project Challenge

MBH’s numbers have been consistently growing since its inception and with the upcoming launches of SKBH and WABH the MBH team needed a system in place that work with their needs. As a group that operates across various locations and with representatives that are consistently on the move and out of the typical office settings, MBH needed a telephony solution that allowed them to take calls on the move and allowing then to be connected wherever they may be.

Project Solution

Greenlight Telecoms delivered a soft phone solution that allowed flexible handing of telephone calls. The MBH team were set up with a device agnostic solution that allowed handling of calls from mobiles with the Greenlight Voice service.

Staff of MBH were trained on how to take the calls and the IVR configured so proper call handling would be an added benefit of the prior system and overflow options were put in place.

Dialling business contacts could now be made from the desk, without the need for a physical handset. With the working from home model that MBH uses, their call handling allowed for flexibility and call sharing between MBH and the Greenlight wider family.

Benefits delivered

  • VoIP allowed for the MBH to make and receive calls from any device. Perfect for the flexible working model MBH follows.
  • Call handling for heavy Incoming calls meant that calls that would normally go to voicemail, would now be shared In proper call handling between the MBH team.
  • Professional IVR for call means the calls get through to the right person efficiently – Improving client satisfaction and reducing the waiting times.
  • Quick turnaround time from migrating from old telephony system to Greenlight Voice Install.

Products & Services Delivered

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