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Greenlight Telecoms Case Study – VoIP Telephone System Installation

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Lifestyle Interiors moved to a new VoIP telephone system for enhanced service capability.


Lifestyle Interiors are an Interior Design company based in Cheshire. They specialise in high end interior designs for show homes to help developers sell properties quickly as well as assisting private clients achieve their dream home. With an experienced team of stylists with a wealth of experience, Lifestyle Interiors can deliver outstanding results to clients.

Project Challenge

Lifestyle Interiors had an aging analogue PBX phone system, Greenlight Telecoms was asked to take over the IT Support for the business and after ensuring this was done smoothly with no fuss we were engaged by Gemma, the owner, about other services we were able to offer. Gemma was particularly interested in our VoIP telephony offering and the enhanced functionality the system could offer over the legacy system on site.

Project Solution

Greenlight Telecoms attended site for an initial consultation and the scope of the system was agreed upon, a bespoke proposal was produced following the meeting and was accepted by Lifestyle Interiors.

The necessary documentation was completed with the client to allow us to take control of the existing landline number and have this ported across to our system and the menu options and hunt groups agreed upon.

Once the date of the transition was received, the installation date was scheduled with the client, equipment installed and tested on the morning of the port. The process went smoothly and calls were pointed to our system as of noon that day. The old equipment was decommissioned and stored safely away to be collected by the previous supplier.

Benefits delivered

  • VoIP was a new service Lifestyle Interiors were not familiar with, each feature and step was cleared explained by Greenlight Telecoms and any queries answered honestly and professionally.
  • Cost effective system delivered with greater functionality over the previous system – making the businesses telecoms work for them and increase efficiencies.
  • Stylists are often out of the office with clients, handy features such as touch of a button call divert can either route calls to another user on the system or mobile, giving them the ability to pick up crucial calls in the field whilst still presenting the appearance of being in the office.
  • Being an Interior Design company, aesthetics are important to the business, the Cisco handsets installed looked very nice next to the iMacs and were commented on by the discerning stylists.
  • Each staff now has a DDI, increasing the quality of communication between stylists, account managers and clientele – giving the clients a dedicated number to call helps with the ethos of great customer service Lifestyle Interiors have painstakingly built a reputation for.
  • As VoIP was new to Lifestyle Interiors along with the system itself, the staff really appreciated the time the Greenlight Telecoms Technicians took to train staff and explain the features available to them.
  • Professionally recorded IVR included as part of package – presents a professional voice to inbound customers and ensures calls are handled quickly and efficiently by the right personnel

Products & Services Delivered

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