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Greenlight Telecoms Case Study – VoIP Telephone System Installation

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Leep Utilities moved to a new VoIP telephone system for enhanced service capability.


Leep Utilities own and operate regulated and non-regulated utility networks, including electricity, cold & hot
water, heating and cooling with a portfolio of sites across the country including Media City, Liverpool Waters and
Canary Wharf.


  • To move to a VoIP telephony system whilst maintaining 100% uptime due to the nature of the business and customers in a regulated environment.
  • Deliver a system which allows for in-house handling of day to day administration and support. Changes made in. real time dependent upon current call queue and known issues and outages across the country.
  • Enhance the customer service experience – make handling calls and information smooth and seamless.

Greenlight Telecoms Solution

Greenlight deployed a full VoIP solution in partnership with Marston’s Telecom which delivered the following services:

  • Preconfigured hardware immediately ready to function when plugged in. Installed and tested prior to going live.
  • User friendly portal and software solution – allows for touch of a button call diverts and forwarding.
  • Dial contacts from user’s PCs – heavy outbound call volume makes this a handy feature.
  • Sophisticated IVR ensures inbound callers are directed to the right team quickly – enhancing the customer’s experience and reducing waiting times, agents handling multiple call queues and departments also know what the call relates to as it comes through.
  • Set up custom messaging and IVR – useful for splicing in real time messages informing customers Leep Utilities are aware of planned and unplanned outages or issues and giving a timescale on resolution.

Benefits delivered

  • Efficient inbound call handling and professional IVR.
  • All teams working from the same system, centrally managed and updated. Simple call handling; group pickup, call groups, call transfers etc.
  • Voicemail to email notifications – ensures voicemails are centrally picked up rather than being missed with individual user’s accounts and handsets.
  • Simple to use administration portal allowing client to make real time changes to the system should a team or queue get busy.
  • Wallboard outputs – at a glance stats available on a screen in the call centre.
  • Sophisticated reporting, KPIs are key in a call centre and managers can really drill down into individual, team and
    company wide reports setup by Greenlight Telecoms to analyse and improve on call handling and outbound performance from custom reporting templates and groups.
  • Excellent implementation and ongoing support – handles number porting, system setup, installation, testing, go live, snagging and ongoing support.

Products & Services Delivered

VoIP Solution – Click here for more information about VoIP Solutions

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