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Greenlight Telecoms Case Study – VoIP Telephone System Installation

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Brio Leisure moved to a new VoIP telephone system for enhanced service and lower costs.


Brio Leisure is a Community Interest Company, wholly owned by Cheshire West and Chester Council. They specialise in offering affordable, high-quality facilities for people to work out and have fun in the heart of local communities. Brio is the face of community, sport, entertainment and leisure facilities in Cheshire West and Chester.

Project Challenge

Brio Leisure have a telephone estate in excess of 150 handsets spread across 11 Leisure Centres in Cheshire West. The existing system lacked functionality, was expensive and did not suit the needs of Brio Leisure as an organisation. Greenlight were one of several suppliers contacted and invited to tender towards the end of 2018. We were informed we were the successful bidder 06/2019 and we began collecting the necessary information to migrate Brio Leisure over to our services.

Project Solution

As we began mapping out the project we helped Brio Leisure to scope out several iterations of the new system, working with them to design IVR menus, call flows, hunt groups, working hours, overspills etc. to ensure at all times customer calls were handled quickly and efficiently. We received final sign off and began the porting process to migrate the numbers 01/2020 and scheduled a go live date of 03/2020. After several postponements due to the pandemic and Brio Leisure being closed, we rescheduled the migration project to take place over two weeks in 09/2020 following the easing of lockdown restrictions and the re-opening of Brio Leisure’s centres.

All 11 sites and all handsets were migrated over this two week period with no interruption of service and not a single customer call missed. There were additional migration steps required as Brio Leisure wished to reprovision their existing Yealink handsets to us rather than invest in new equipment. As these ageing handsets fail, we will swap out for our recommended Cisco models over time.

Now that Brio Leisure have a good handle on the full features and functionality availably, we are currently working with them on “phase two” of the system to support more modern working for the office personnel (softphone app to be deployed on mobiles / laptops etc.) and introducing a dedicated call centre or “leisure hub” to handle their 20,000 + inbound phone calls per month to take this responsibility away from individuals working reception in the leisure centres themselves to allow them to focus on delivering excellent customer service to members in person.

Benefits delivered

  • A cost-effective new solution was implemented, offering new functionality like hunt groups, IVR menus, overspills etc.
  • Full implementation of the new system in to all 11 of Brio Leisure’s sites, with not one customer call missed.
  • Fully supported by Greenlight Telecoms for staff training, queries and swapping out of ageing handsets with new.
  • Phase 2 involves setting the company up with softphone mobile app access to work anywhere from any device.
  • Greenlight Telecoms are to introduce a dedicated call centre to handle over 20,000 inbound phone calls per month, allowing reception staff to focus on delivering excellent customer service in person.
  • As VoIP was new to Brio Leisure along with the system itself, the staff really appreciated the time the Greenlight Telecoms Technicians took to train staff and explain the features available to them.
  • Professionally recorded IVR included as part of package – presents a professional voice to inbound customers and ensures calls are handled quickly and efficiently by the right personnel

Products & Services Delivered

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