Are You Paying Too Much For Your Calls?

Allow us to introduce Ninkasi, a complete telephony service from Greenlight Telecoms that’s easy to use and comes with a host of premium features as standard! Plans from as little as £7.00 per month per business user.

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Calls? | Ninkasi from Greenlight Telecoms

Ninkasi is a complete telephony service for businesses. It provides a comprehensive range of facilities and features that allow businesses to ink their fixed and mobile telephony easily and efficiently, helping them to improve their productivity and corporate image.

Greenlight Telecoms is a UK based telephony specialist with a local office in Stevenage. As we start to emerge from Covid-19 lockdowns, we are looking at the things that hindered our working from home.

Did you have to leave your phone system on-site & divert to mobile?

If so, you may be interested in a change to Hosted VOIP. Our Ninkasi telephony system allowed us to take our desk phones home, plugin and keep all the functions without disruption!

Ninkasi is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, whether they operate from one location or multiple sites. Ninkasi also allows businesses to link their office phones to mobiles, making it perfect for companies whose employees are regularly on the move.

  • Is Ninkasi the most flexible phone system available?
    • We think so!
  • Is working from home hampered by an old phone system?
    • We can help you.
  • Do you need to cut the cost of telephony?
    • Ninkasi Hosted VOIP can do that.
  • Does your phone system have all the features you want?
    • Try Ninkasi and see the difference.
  • Can you flex the number of phones in line with your business?
    • You can with Ninkasi (up and down)
  • Do you get the responsive after-sales support you want from your telephony partner?
    • You do with Greenlight Telecoms.

Would you like to know more or are you interested in a budgetary proposal?

If you think you are paying too much for your calls or want to find out more about our telephony services, contact us today or call us on 0161 883 1681.

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