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Did Your Business Telephony Allow For Seamless Working From Home?


Seamless Working From Home As a business community, we are all used to constant shifts in technology, offering new opportunities and easier ways to work. When the current UK Lockdown began many Analogue & On-Premise VOIP Telephony systems had to be left behind or at best diverted to mobile phones at expensive call tariffs. However, those clients with Cloud Hosted VOIP solutions could simply take their desk phones home, plug into the internet and carry on as normal. All settings like hunt groups, failover lines etc just carry on as if you were in the office. No fuss, no incremental costs, no confusion between personal and business, just a seamless working from home transition. What Telephony will you adopt when you go back to the office? The latest IP technologies allow us to use telephony anywhere, anytime, using a wide range of endpoint devices; desk phones, mobile phones, computers with headsets, Bluetooth devices ………… All this at the cost of a local call or often free over the internet. With the likes of Teams or Zoom, we have instant video and audio conferencing at our fingertips 24/7. Why do we need a VOIP phone system? Well not everybody does, but it makes sense for many to use a Cloud Hosted VOIP system like Ninkasi from Greenlight Telecoms. We need a VOIP system to: Retain a landline number range associated with your company literature and contacts Retain a landline number to offer potential client’s confidence you are real Retain a landline number to allow Google and other search engines to optimise your local presence To separate business and home communications and avoid the confusion of having two mobiles as many do today Greenlight Telecoms the leading provider of Multi-site VOIP telephony solutions is working with sister company Greenlight Computers to provide a full suite of Unified communications solutions to its clients across the UK. The Greenlight Groups' “Single Point of Service” helpdesk service also offers exceptional support for and Telephony changes or issues, a rapid response not normally seen [...]

Did Your Business Telephony Allow For Seamless Working From Home?2020-07-27T14:15:31+01:00

Bluetooth Headset Soft-phone Launch


Introducing the Bluetooth Headset Soft-phone Greenlight Telecoms is delighted to announce the addition of a Bluetooth headset soft-phone addition to the Ninkasi hosted VoIP solution set. Although most clients are looking for a physical handset & headset combo for the desk a new breed of mobile telephony users is emerging. The need for a laptop soft-phone option has become evident and the Marston's Telecoms - Greenlight Telecoms partnership is always looking to provide the technology solutions demanded by clients in providing a full client offer. To find out more about our full technology range please contact the team.

Bluetooth Headset Soft-phone Launch2020-07-27T14:34:58+01:00
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